Bamboo White Cot Pillow Protector

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Made from Bamboo Viscose Rayon, derived from Bamboo, our waterproof pillow protector is silky smooth and soft, whilst the waterproof TPU underlay is phthalate free, making it environmentally friendly and a fantastic barrier to stop leakages and to protect your pillow from dribbles and spills

  • Fits Cot Pillow
  • Highly absorbent bamboo top layer
  • Breathable
  • Protection from dust mites
  • Waterproof TPU underlay
  • Lightweight and fast drying
  • Simply machine wash and line dry

38 X 58cm (for cot pillow size)

BRONZE - Mother & Baby Awards 2018
Most Environmentally Friendly Product for Baby
Bubba Blue Bamboo Collection

Bamboo viscose, polyester TPU

Feed all 4 pillow corners through the elastic. Protector must be fully secured on the pillow. Then place pillow case (sold separately) over the pillow and protector. Do not use the protector as the pillow case.

Bubba Blue Bamboo Waterproof Protectors

You and your baby can rest easy with our award winning range of Bamboo Waterproof Protectors.

Featuring Bamboo Viscose, they provide a barrier against dustmites and the allergens they produce whilst being soft, comfortable and breathable for a restful nights sleep.

Fully fitted, the highly absorbent bamboo top layer provides comfort, whilst the waterproof bottom layer provides protection from leakages and little accidents.

Care is easy: simply machine wash and line dry to preserve a hygienic sleeping environment for your little one.

Bamboo is

  • Highly Resistant to Dust Mites
  • Luxuriously Soft
  • Hypoallergenic & Antibacterial
  • Naturally Breathable
  • Sustainable Bamboo
  • Thermo regulating - stays cool in summer & warm in winter
  • A great product for your child, your family & our environment!