Please find below some of our frequently asked questions, if you can't find the answer you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Do you use any harmful ingredients in the manufacture of your products?
At Bubba Blue we take great pride in the quality and safety of our products for baby and nursery. We do not use any harmful or toxic substances or dyes in the manufacture of our products.

What is bamboo?
Our Award winning bamboo baby collection is made from Bamboo Viscose fibres.
Bamboo products are silky soft, wicks away moisture and perfect for use all year round.

What is cotton jersey?
Cotton Jersey is a lovely soft stretch cotton, much like your favourite t-shirt. It has just the right of stretch and is a nice weight for the colder months.

Do you have cotton sheets?
All of our baby sheet collections are made from cotton with the exception of our Bamboo sheet collections.

Will your cot fitted sheets fit a large cot such as Boori?
Our cot fitted sheets are a generous size and fit the Boori cot.

What safety standards are your products tested to?
All of our products are tested to the highest Australian safety standards to ensure the utmost protection for your precious baby.

Are your products designed/made in Australia?
All our products are proudly designs in Australia by our Melbourne and Sydney based design teams. Where possible we manufacture locally, with our skincare, hand sanitiser and wool baby blankets being proudly Australian Made.

What is a TOG rating?
The TOG rating on our sleepbags and Sleep Pouch® determine its warmth. The higher the number, the warmer the sleep bag.

Do your blankets have a TOG rating?
A tog rating refers to the warmth of a wearable garment such as sleeping bags, and indicates the number of blankets a sleeping bag is equivalent too, so therefore we don’t assign a tog rating to blankets.

Is your hand sanitiser suitable for children?
Our hand sanitiser is proudly Australian Made from quality ingredients, it is free of alcohol which makes it gently on hands and perfect for the entire family.

Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately we do not ship internationally. Please see our stockist page for some of our retailers that do.

Why do I need a mattress protector?
Our mattress protector's waterproof TPU layer protects the mattress against bed wetting accidents, and everyday spills and stains.
It helps protect and prolong the life of your mattress, as it provides protection from mould, dust mite and bacteria allergens that maybe present in the mattress.  

The dense & tightly woven construction of the polyurethane layer not only provides a waterproof layer but prevents dust mites & allergens from moving through from the mattress to the top layers.
No harmful chemicals have been used to treat our fabrics to create this protection, rather we focus on sourcing the highest quality yarns and construct a mattress protector that is practical, safe & comfortable for baby.

Do I need a sheet on my mattress protector?
For ultimate comfort we recommend having a fitted sheet on top of your mattress protector. You can select from our cotton percale, cotton jersey, organic cotton and bamboo selections depending on the level of comfort and warmth you require.

What is the difference between your Bamboo Waterproof Mattress Protectors and your Breathe Easy Quilted Mattress Protectors?
All of our products including mattress protectors are free of harmful substances. Both ranges are fully fitted with a TPU waterproof layer.
Our award winning bamboo collection has a bamboo viscose layer, derived from bamboo, a sustainable resource.
The Breathe Easy mattress protector has a cotton top layer which is quilted/padded.

Do you have items to fit a baby Co Sleeper?
Yes we have fitted sheets, mattress protectors and sleep pouch or designed to fit the co sleeper.