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Whether you are after a head rest for outings to prevent flat head syndrome, or a babies first pillow - the Bubba Blue range of Head Rests & Pillows has you covered.

The Bubba Blue range of Breathe Easy® Infant Head Rests are made from soft supportive 3D mesh material and ergonomic design cradles Baby’s the head naturally. The Bubba Blue Breathe Easy® Infant Head Rest is not a traditional pillow and does not lift baby’s head. Rather, its contoured design gently supports Baby’s head and relieves negative pressure on Baby’s soft skull to help prevent Flat Head Syndrome, whilst still enabling baby to move their head naturally.

Bubba Blue's bamboo pillows are the perfect first pillow for babies over 12 months old.

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Bamboo White Cot Pillow - Bamboo filling & casing with bamboo pillowcase
Bamboo White Cot Pillow Protector
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Bamboo White Bassinet Pillow (includes pillowcase)
Bamboo White Bassinet Pillow Protector
Bamboo White 2pk Bassinet Pillowcases